Simple is good, right?  

Simply create your account and email a copy of your W-9 or Resale Certificate to [email protected] and we will enable wholesale pricing on our website.

... and here is why we are the best eLiquid vendor to do business with:

How are we different??

1. Shops can pick and choose what lines and flavors they think would do best in their area. There is no requirement on how many or few lines and/or flavors the shop has to carry. We leave that up to you since you are the one with the shop in that area.

2. We supply free sample bottles for testing.  You spend enough money ordering our juice and we want to make sure you have plenty of juice for your customers to sample so you are not taking it out of your current stock.  If at any time you are running low, just put a note in your next order and mention what sample bottles you need. Also make sure that any time you are starting to carry a new flavor you do not already have, make a mention that you also need a free sample bottle of it.  Qualifying initial orders will receive free tester SUBTANKS too!

3. We supply free juice not only to you, the shop owners, but also to your employees as well. All you have to do is mention that said employee would like said juice and we will make sure that we send it to your shop for them and yourself.

4. We accept bottle trade backs within 90 days of purchase. Unlike the majority of companies out there, say you order a flavor or line and it does not do well.  Let us know, ship it back to us, and trade them in for different bottles of juice. It does not have to just sit on your shelf, while you are hoping it sells one day or have to put it in a clearance bin.

5. We are happy to sponsor cloud comps and events. This includes helping out with the event, giving juice for raffles and/or prizes, as well as giving RDA's and mods.   We can also supply the cloud comp juice if asked.

6. We send out free juice for tasting parties. All you have to do is let us know, ahead of time, some different flavors you would like to have your customers try at the tasting party, and we will send them out for you. These are planned events where you will advertise the event both in your shop and your favorite social media sites and we will also advertise your event for at least a week to our customers/ fans on facebook. 

7. Qualifying orders get free priority shipping. (US customers only).

8. The MoQ is smaller than the majority of other national brand premium juice companies.

9. The owners can be reached when needed and will answer any questions you may have.

10. For the majority of time, we have a 48 hour turnaround period for shipping your product to you. The only time this does not happen is when we are running a big special, or if there is an unforeseen issue.